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    Transitions glitches on export with GPU activated

    shenzo_unltd Level 1

      First of all, I'm fairly new to PP as I just switched from the FCP suite in the recent wind of change.

      In PP CS5.5.1 I experience glitches on some of my film dissolves when I export with the Mercury Playback Engine GPU activated.

      The source footage is AVHCD 1080 in a 720p timeline as I need the reframing possibilties and I export to H.264 720p.


      Screen Shot 2011-11-10 at 11.34.46 AM.png


      If I export the same sequence many times, the glitches does not happen systematically on the same transitions all the time. If I turn the GPU acceleration off, it seems to resolve the issue but if it is an accepted practice in the PP community or if I encounter a bug due to my setup.

      Any of you guys experienced this or know if there is a fix for that? I searched the forums but could not find an answer apart from "turning MPE off should resolve the issue".


      Here's my set up:

      PP 5.5.1 on OSX 10.7


      i7 2600

      16GB RAM