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    Flash Player skips 1st frame in IE

    leoserra Level 2

      Hi Everyone,


      This one striked me yesterday. I had to go back a few years to start doing some AS2 stuff again.


      I'm doing a very simple interactive screens. The timeline has 5 frames, each one with some MovieClips with "onRelease" events associated and some animations... very simple.

      I'm publishing it has FP7 & AS2 (mandatory)


      Surprisingly everything went fine from start to finnish, even on testing.


      But when I was delivering this test version, something weird happened. I have Chrome by default has my browser, and I also tested with Firefox. On these two it works fine. The problem is when you test on IE.


      In this browser the SWF skips to the second frame and stops when it loads, acting normal again. I can go back to the first frame and everything looks good.


      At the beggining of each frame I have a stop(), and there's no other gotoAndStop events unless on buttons, nothing is triggered by actionscript.


      I had the version and upgraded to (the latest)... the problem persists.


      Meanwhile a simple timeout seems on 1st frame seems to solve the problem, but I wonder if this is a bug with AS2 on Flash Player specially on IE?


      Have anyone of you experienced this? Any solutions besides the setting a timeout?