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    Two question regarding captions



      I am relatively new to ID and this is my first post. i am putting together an eBook (CS5.5) with Figures and Tables, numbered sequentially over 7 Sections and 24 Chapters.

      There are three issues that I would dearly love some help with:

      1. The Figures have all numbered perfectly (well almost - see below) across the entire book, but not so the Tables. There is one table, which should be Table 5, but is numbered Table 9. I’ve tried everything in my limited repertoire to fix it, but it stubbornly remains Table 9. There are 12 tables in all, and the others are numbered sequentially after Table 9 - i.e. starting with 5 and up to 12. Table 9 was generated in InDesign, and in desperation, I saved it as an image to see if that would help, but it made no difference.
      2. The second issue concerns the actual caption that is derived across all Figures and Tables. I am using ‘generate static caption’ as that seems to give me the best result for both Figures and Tables, and have set the style to Arial 9pt. But when the caption appears, (e.g. Figure 1. The quick brown fox), the ‘Figure 1’ is in Times New Roman, the same font as my body text, and the text of the caption is Arial 9pt. Again, I’ve tried everything I know of to change it, but to no avail. When I tried to generate a List of Figures and List of Tables for the book, the ‘Figure 1’ appears twice in the list: firstly in Times New Roman, and then in the correct font, Arial. And I would like to have the text there as well, but don't know how to bring it in.
      3. After 'Figure 1', there is quite a large space before the text of the caption starts - is there a way to reduce this to say, 4-5 px?

      Any assistance here would be GREATLY appreciated!