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    Flex 3.2, Cairngorm 2.11 framework and QTP 10.00 automated testing tool


      Hi all, I am looking to have some pretty big flex apps enabled for automated testing using QTP and QTP Flex plugin. I have got it working against Cairngorm-based applications using static automation support as per "Install and Configure Flex Automated Testing" heading on  http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/flex/3/releasenotes_flex3_fb.html but haven't been able to get the run-time automated testing option (detailled at the same location) to work against the Cairngorm-based applications although I did get it to work against smaller non-Cairngorm based applications - I either get no data back or QTP doesn't recognize the flex objects. My hunch at this stage is that Cairgorm 2.11 (the modular approach) doesn't play nice with run-time set-up. Anybody else got any experience of that behaviour and if it is possible to get it working? Static automation support is not great in a live environment with the overhead caused by the automation libraries. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.