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    whats next after FC


      Ok, i just went through the process of creating an application with flash catlyst. Being completly new too application building, adobe products. This was such a find in a field that seems very complicated.  Where should i go next. What i want too do. Is take this simple soundboard application idea of mine. That intergrates flash videos etc.. I built with FC and eventually. Have it be on the android market and mobile platform. Of course, it seems i have a long way too go and steps too learn. Though, what is the next step.  I assume its flash builder or Eclipse. Where can i find tuturials on this subject. For developer want to be. Beggining stuff. I have been trying to find the correct tuturials on adobe tv. Although, maybe iam just to much of a begginer with this stuff. Should i put my project aside and start from the very raw in coding. Any help please.