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    Datalist with links

    Lynn Kirabo Level 1

      I created a datalist in Flash Catalyst CS5, and I would like to add links to the individual repeated items.

      I see within the FC forums, that FB would be the best and easiet way of doing this seeing as FC cannot allow you to add different links to each item.


      I would like the links to be transition to different states created within Flash Catalyst.


      Does anyone know how to do this??



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          Lynn Kirabo Level 1

          I figured out how to do it in Flash Catalyst, without heading over to Flash Builder.


          All you have to do is select the data list, then go to the interactions panel.


          After you have selected the state that it should transition to, Change the last drop down to "When a specific Item is selected", then choose which item links to what.


          Step-1.jpg Step-2.jpg


          I hope this helps someone who doesn't have an idea how  to use Flash Builder.