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    Changing a set font on an item


      I have a library set up with headers for InDesign pages. When I bring these headers in, the text is set to be a certain font. How do I change the set font? I've tried changing the font on the libary item and replacing the old item with the revised version, but the font still comes back to what it was originally set to. I'm using a Mac computer. Please help.


      For example, a header I use has Helvetica. Let's say I want to change that to Times or something else. I make the change and replace the old header in the library with the new one. Next time I bring out the header, however, it reverts to Helvetica.

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          FergyMac Level 3

          Check to ensure the header doesn't have a style sheet applied, or if it does, make sure the style sheet has a unique name.

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            CyberKitteh Level 1

            How do I check to see if there is a style sheet applied to it? I didn't create these originally and am not sure where that option is.

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Open the Paragraph Styles panel (Window > Styles > Paragraph Styles or Window > Type > Paragraph Styles). Select the type and see if a paragraph style is selected.

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                CyberKitteh Level 1

                Okay I checked that and it doesn't appear as if a style is applied to this text. Any other ideas?

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  ALL text should have a paragraph style, or [No Paragraph Style], applied. The only way the text would show as (No Styles) in the Paragraph Styles panel would be if someone consciously selected the text and deliberately chose "Break Link To Styles" from the panel flyout menu or you are working with an extrmely old file. Since I think CS2 (pehaps even CS) there has not even been a option for creating text without a paragraph style -- [Default Paragraph] gets applied to everything you don't explicitly change.  More insidious is that an applied Character style will not show as an override to a pragraph style, so you need to check that too.


                  Both types of styles are accessible in the control panel, as well as looking in the corresponding style panel (and don't confuse the Paragraph panel with the Paragraph Style panel -- they are different things entirely). It sounds to me as if your library item has an assigned style which also exists in the new document, but carries a different defintion. If you want the same formatting, you should redefine the style to the formatting you want.