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    [Exclusive] Create AS3 and MXML in your PHP pages - Q and A


      One of the most common PHP scripts is a form.  Before FTML, there has never been a method of truely integrating Flash with PHP.  Flash and PHP have always been seperate sandboxes when developing.  FTML now allows you to write PHP and FTML hand in hand on the same page.  This removes the requirement of additional files or web services for PHP to interact with Flash.


      PHP to Flash: http://reshapemedia.com/ftml/learn/php-to-ftml/

      FTML Getting Started Guide: http://reshapemedia.com/ftml/downloads/getting-started-guide/


      PHP Requirements

      None - simply code as you would normally and include the MXML components rather than HTML.


      Form Requirements

      • All Form children must have the [name] property set
      • Any UI For child with the [id] property set will be processed with the Form
      • Forms should have [relativeChildSize] set to "true"
      • Forms support a [method] of "get", "post", "send", "refresh"
      • Inputs with a [type] of "text" or "password" support the [enter] key press


      Example PHP File

      Adobe will not let me post the example code so you can view the demo here: http://reshapemedia.com/examples/ftml-form.php

      - Select [View Source] from your menu to see the code.


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