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    Mouse or tablet gets stuck in drag / mouseDown / left-clicked mode in AE

    Imaginary Rob

      I have an occasional problem where when i'm moving a clip around on a timeline or otherwise clicking & dragging, AE will give me the beachball for a few seconds, and when my pointer returns, it is stuck in "clicked" mode -- moving the mouse or pen around behaves like it is being left clicked (it's not) until I move the mouse to a different pane and click there.


      OSX 10.6, AE CS5 (latest update) -- 16GB of RAM, Activity Monitor shows 10GB free so I'm not getting into a swapping situation (which would possibly account for the beachball but not for the sticky mouse)


      It is consistently repeatable with certain pieces of footage.. they probably tend to be on the longer side, but nothing outrageous.  First noticed it with the pen (intuos 4), which is the primary pointer, but I've confirmed it behaves the same way with a mouse, even when the Wacom tablet is physically disconnected.


      I saw a question similar to this in the Photoshop forum, referencing a Windows box.. same basic symptom except I'm on OSX and it's exhibiting in AE only (not Photoshop)


      Anyone seen this?