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    [Killing flash for mobile browsers] Flash Developers of all countries unite!


      As a self-proclaimed member of Flash Platform Society, following saddening events of these days, I feel obliged to write several words to all those willing to hear. It is hard to bear the loss of someone dear, someone we can rely on, but we have to be brave and respond to all the threats by facing the terrible truth:  Our dear Platform, the one we have commited our lives, will never be the same echosystem without the support for the latest mobile browsers.


      But we have to be brave and say it loudly. We have to wear it as a badge of honour, since all other tools and facilites will benefit greatly from this decision as they will treated with greater care by our beloved companies.


      Yes, undoubtedly hard times are about to come for us. We may be mocked by other faiths, their mercenaries, prophets and martyrs (all combinations allowed). They will tell us that all is lost. That whole Platform will collapse along with the mobile browsers. They will ask when we intend to abandon what was already abandoned by all.


      But it has happened before when some influential people has revealed their mistaken beliefs publically. And we have survived! We may be spiritually-persecuted, we may be unpopular, but eventually we will triumph! 


      And for all those who stand with me. If I should fall wrap my body in Flash Platform banners!


      Sursum corda!

      Devoted Developer