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    Library Patrons with ereaders but no computers

    terrebonnelibrary Level 1

      Hi, I work at a library that uses ADE with Overdrive ebooks for libraries.  We have some patrons who have ereaders that use ADE, but don't have computers.  We would like to be able to use a library computer to let multiple patrons download ebooks to their ereaders.  But the way authorization of computers works, this seems to be difficult, if not impossible.  Is it possible to do this?  Thanks!

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          moonmullin Level 1

          What you want to do is not allowed by the publishers. Your question is answered in the information provided by Overdrive, but I understand how it could be missed. You need to read closely what they say in their help pages.


          I am another librarian and we have Overdrive for our users. The only way that I have found to get around this is if the user has an ereader that has wifi. If they do, then they can check out the title on a library pc and then do the download from the ereader using the wifi.