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    Error # 1009

    Brian Rush Community Member

      Just downloaded the new version of the converter and tried converting a .swf. During conversion it gave an error:


      Some Actionscript error has occurred:
      Error #1009

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          Chinmay Baid Community Member



          Can you please share your .swf and .cptx files?

          My email-id is cbaid@adobe.com



          Chinmay Baid

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            Lilybiri ACP/MVPs

            Tried to convert with the new converter as well. Upgraded a very old project (from CP4) to CP5.5, carefully replaced widgets by other objects. No Effects, No advanced actions, not even question slides, just a training simulation because that was the only kind of project I could convert with the first version.


            During uploading of the SWF, Error 1009 is flashing all the time, and doesn't stop uploading.

            Tried with other files as well, that I could upload but then the converter just blocked mostly, no way to change the path, the output style, just had to close with Task Manager.


            Only once I succeeded at starting converter, left it working for half an hour, then just killed it with Task Manager. No output whatever for the moment.