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    Moving around a single presentation




      I am trying to do something in particular in Flash. I have an entire presentation in the frame, and when you click on a certain part of it, you zoom in to said part. This I can do.


      However, I also want it so that in each part of the presentation, there are buttons taking you to the other parts. The issue is that I'd like it if, when moving from part to part, you simply move past any other parts that are in the way in the main, zoomed out presentation. As in, taking the entire block and sliding it around to where I want to go. I am not sure if this is possible using AS2?


      Another option that I considered was that, on hitting the button, the presentation would zoom out and then back in… but then the question is this: can I make a button that plays the next frame (in this case the zoom out animation) and THEN, upon reaching the final point of that animation, gives the command to go to part I chose? (zooming in to said part).


      in other words, if I go something like…


      on (Release) {




      can I add a command on that same button that, upon reaching the end of said animation (lets say frame 30), it goes




      where 81 is the start frame for the animation that goes into the zoom of the part I wanted to go to.


      is this possible?