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    Removing Adobe Reader


      I am using a PC with XP sp3.


      I don't seem to be able to remove Adobe Reader 10.0.1 from my hard drive. When I try to use"MS's add/remove programs" to remove Reader, the msg I get is "feature is on a resource that is unavailable".  When I go to the actual file under Programs and try to put the Adobe file folder into the trash, the msg I get is "Cannot delete Identity-H".  (I can't find that file as a separate file in MS search.) What do I do?


      I want to start over with a reinstall of v10.1.0 because I keep getting an "updating Adobe Reader" message every few days, and I sense that this too often.  Can my unremovable version of Adobe Reader have been compromised with a key logger or some virus that is sending out some of my data, rather than actually updating my installed version, as often as every few days?