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    Indesign CS2 Q: Remove or make transparent - lines from stacked shapes logo?




      I'm making a logo that is basically a repitition of simple shape stacked on top of each other. With line thickness [in 'paper' colour] I can control the appearance of space between my objects, provided my background is the same colour as the lines. If I wish to place this over an image, I can not remove the lines without destroying the whole effect. The logo's 'altered' shapes aren't altered, only hidden by others to appear 'altered.'


      Is there a way to make these lines clear?


      I see I can bring the stack through illustrator into pshop, and remove a selected colour, then save png and I have no lines between my shapes. The issue seems to be a loss of quality on the spae's edges with this solution.


      There must be a better way than what I know of....


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



      image: to create a version of the icon, for placement over an image. It's now a group of 5 copies of the central shape and 'thick' white lines.


      logo sample_Page_2.png