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    Keying fire


      Hey all... I am trying to create a flame burst effect on some letters using footage of real fire, trying to key out the black background, but it's not working... here is my workflow:


      1) I decided to forego buying an effect, because a) I don't have the loot for it, and b) none of them looked that great.

      2) I cut out letter from posterboard, put a black foam board up, used a dowel and put each letter on the end of the dowel, then poked the dowel through the foamboard so that the foamboard is the background, and it's far enough away from the physical letter that it would not pick up a lot of the fire glare.  My goal was to get footage of pure fire, nothing else.

      3) I set up the camera a few feet away, and at a 90 degree angle so that I had more vertical room for the flames. 

      4) I have the clips in After Effects now, rotated and ready to go... I tried using a few things to key out the black, but it's not working.  I tried keylight, and I screwed around with the luma setting on the video. 


      The end result that I'd like to have is basically a flame that I can overlay on any background layer, but I can't get rid of the black. 


      I wondered if I could somehow create a matte using the flame, but I guess I'm just not that skilled of an AE artist as I need to be to pull that off.


      Any ideas on how to do this?