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    Flash Catalyst 5.5 on Mac 10.7 is a cruel and unusual joke

    potbrownie Level 1

      I just got the following error while trying to create a new project utilizing an Illustrator file:


           The following error occured during import:

           Error initializing import libraries.


      I working on a Mac with 10.7 installed and Version 5.5 of Catalyst. Not only am I unable to use placeholders in the program. I'm running into import issues like this. My question is this: Are Adobe and Apple ever going to get along or are they both going to keep taking it out on end users? I didn't have a choice to downgrade to 10.6 as this is a new system.


      I don't care whos fault is is. I just want my expensive computer running my expensive software investment to just work. Is that really asking too much?