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    Adobe Store Lost a Previous Order

    HotDiggity Level 1

      HI. I just bought CS5.5 Design Premium to upgrade my version of CS4 Design Premium bought in Jan. of 2010, but there is no record of the previous purchase (CS4), or the registration of that purchase, on my account online. While this is not a super serious issue, it does spook me a bit. My purchase of Macromedia Studio 8 back in 2005 is there. My registrations for Studio 8, CS, CS2, and CS3 are all there. Where is my registration info and purchase receipt from CS4? I've spoken with techs both by chat and on the phone and no one can give me an answer. I'd like to print a record of that previous purchase along with having a record of the serial. Downloads are also supposed to be avaialble for three years, aren't they? Can this purchase be added to my account please? Is there anyone in particular I should speak with?