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    What storage media should I use?

    ptl-2010 Level 1

      I have 3 options that I can use with my budget


      - CD's and DVD's: I currently use these to store the final renders of my commercials in the clients file. So far so good, check them every year. I've only been diong this for a year though


      - Hard drives: Kind of reluctant to store on these for long periods of time because they have moving parts and need to be spun to keep in working condition. I use them for my backup, but not really wanting to use them for storage cause that requires spinning them every so often, which I might forget to do.


      - Flash Drives, Sd cards, ect: Something I was thinking about but haven't tried. using an 8gb SD card to store a whole project sounds great to me, and for $12 a pop that's not too bad on a per-project basis from here on out.



      So I guess my question would be this... CD's and DVD's vs SD cards and flash drives, which one would be better for long term storage?