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    HD to SD final output question


      Hello Forum,


      I have just completed Jeff Bellune’s excellent HD to SD tutorial called “hd2sd - High Quality Scaling From HD to SD”. For weeks I have been trying in vain to downscale my 1920 x1080i AVI-8bit YUV HD footage for output to PAL DVD without much luck, resulting in terrible output quality, but for anyone experiencing the same problem I would like to let you know that the quality of the conversion with Jeff's method is absolutely amazing. http://bellunevideo.com/tutlist.php Thanks for the post Jeff you are a star!


      But I have one small problem. In the final process when using VirtualDub to open your AviSynth script file and then saving it out to a Lagarith AVI file.


      The process works as described with great results however the final output file is exported at an output size of 720x576 - 1.250 (5:4) aspect ratio. (Size data extracted from GSpot) The problem is when I import this into Encore the footage does not fill the whole screen.


      My to the forum question is does anyone know how I can change the output file size in VirtualDub to a (16.9) aspect ratio so that when imported into Encore the footage takes up the whole screen in a (16:9) widescreen format.


      Can VirtualDub be used to do this and if so does anyone know the exact settings to be used?


      Any assistance with this will help me greatly.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Thanks for the kind words.


          Try File | Interpret Footage in Pr or En when you first import that AVI file from VirtualDub.  Set the PAR to conform to PAL Widescreen (1.4587).


          AVI files don't necessarily have any PAR information, so it's up to the user to tell the player, editing or authoring program what the PAR should be.  As always, though, there are exceptions.



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            rexeve Level 1

            Thank you Jeff


            You are a brilliant person, thank you very much as you solved my long standing and draining problem in one answer!

            The output result is second to none as a matter of fact I can’t even tell the difference from the original footage!

            Everything is fine now but while the Big man himself is about I wonder if you could possibly answer these 3 questions?


            1) I am using Premiere CS5.5, Should I have used the Maximum render quality setting when exporting my MPEG2 file from premiere (this wasn’t mentioned in the CS4 tutorial)


            2).My original source footage used in my test project is 1920 X1080i (1.0) 50Hz Pal - and I have exported 3 versions, one Lower field first, one upper field first and one Progressive no fields. Using the Interpret Footage techniques from your advice I created 3 separate Encore projects in each field setting the thing is I can’t tell the difference between them in my test DVDs. (Q. which field setting do you recommend me use for my final project output to Pal DVD (Note Encore Pal Project settings make reference to Lower field first).


            2) Could I re-import the exported VirtualDub avi file back into premiere. Then edit my project adding effects and titles and when the project is complete export the finished project into Encore either by uncompressed AVI or MPEG2-DVD?. If this is possible will I lose much quality on export? And would you know how I could Interpret the Footage to PAL Widescreen (1.4587).in premiere? (I ask this as it would be much easier to edit with these smaller files as my original files are very resource consuming)


            Again I would be most grateful if you have some advice on these questions as I am a newbie to HD editing but embracing the challenge.


            Thanks again.


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              rexeve Level 1

              Evening Forum,


              just wondering if anyone may have answers to my above 3 questions?


              Thanks for looking.



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                Jeff Bellune Level 5
                1. Anytime you are rendering without the benefit of hardware MPE, or if you are using hardware MPE and are queueing your exports in the Adobe Media Encoder, you should check Maximum Render Quality.
                2. Use Upper Field First for 1080i source footage.
                3. As long as you are using a lossless codec (not just uncompressed) when you export from VirtualDub, you should get just as good a quality editing the smaller files and exporting to MPEG2 as you would editing the larger source files and using the hd2sd workflow.  For CS5.5, use File | Modify | Interpret Footage to properly interpret the VirtualDub AVI files in Pr.


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                  rexeve Level 1

                  Thank you Jeff,


                  I will go away and run some new Upper field first tests with a Lagarith lossless codec export from Virtualdub.


                  I really appreciate your input.


                  Thanks again.



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                    Jeff Bellune Level 5

                    You're welcome.



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                      rexeve Level 1



                      I just performed the Upper field test as advised with great results.


                      I would just like to say that I have searched the internet for a solution to the HD to SD problem with no success. However I would like to thank you because without searching through the Adobe forum and finding out about you I would have probably given up on trying.


                      From now on I will be able to help others in this forum by pointing them to your tutorials, to the non technical person like me at first sight they may sound a little complicated but I will be able to convince them that if they follow your instructions step by step they will be both surprised how easy it really is and also by the quality of the end result.


                      Thank you also for personally taking the time out and helping me with my additional queries, I hope I can return the favour to you someday.


                      Wishing you all the very best.