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    Runtime Error! Can't access RH9 HTML


      Hello all.


      I'm using RH9 and I was using the find and replace feature when the program froze. I had to "end task" and now I can't properly reopen RoboHelp HTML. When I go to open the program I get the Runtime Error! pop up, then the RoboHTML.exe - Application Error, and then after I click cancel I get the "unhandled win32 exception occurred in RoboHTML.exe [3796]. The funny thing is I can actually open my projects in RoboHelp as long as I don't hit No on the last pop up. The only thing is I need to leave the pop-up open or it will shutdown RoboHelp.


      Any advice that can be offered would be more than welcome.

      Runtime Error.gif

      App Error.gif






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          Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi Mike,


          Sorry For delayed response, I am not sure if you are still facing the problem.


          Can you please open you Event Viewer and Check the logs related to Robohelp.(Start>Run>Type "eventvwr")


          That could suggest any faulty module causing the problem?


          If you launch any other Project does the Error appear?


          Can you make a Right Click to it and Select >Run as Administrator?