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    Where do you set the topic break level when importing/linking from FrameMaker?

    MM Acton Level 1

      I have the Technical Communication Suite. I'm importing a FrameMaker 9 book into a RoboHelp HTML project.


      How do I tell it where to break the topics?


      That is, I followed these instructions from the RH help, but I ended up with only 1 topic per chapter.


      1. Create a project in RoboHelp.
      2. Select File > Link > FrameMaker Documentt.
      3. Select FrameMaker BOOK (book files) from the Files Of Type pop-up menu.
      4. Browse to select the FrameMaker book file and click Open.


      and then...

      • Right-click the linked FrameMaker document from the Project Manager pod and then select Update > Generate.


      When and where do I specify that I want a new topic every time it sees a FrameMaker Heading 1 or Heading 2 paragraph tag?