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      I am writing an Air app that needs audio beat detection and I need some really great resources.  I am NOT trying to do something simple like make images twitch when there is a peak in an audio file.  I need to be able to identify both the beats and overall rhythmic tempo of an audio file, not just when there is a cymbal crash or a drum hit.  This will likely require spectrum analysis, Fast Fourier Transforms, and other bytearray analysis.  This will be a function that will only be responsible for analyzing an audio file, it does not need to be lightning fast because there will be no audio streaming associated with this analysis.


      Unfortunately, this is college thesis level science that I don't know anything about nor have years to study.  So I need to get up to speed quickly and am reaching out for resources, math equations, books, or contacts who might be able to shed some light on this for me.  Any thoughts, knowledge, contacts or help would be hugely appreciated!