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    Form and data export to PDF


      I am new to FormsCentral and have a form I'm testing, however, I need to print a PDF of all responses with the actual form and data (for each submission).  This could be an easy question, but I could not find a way to do this.  I could print the form data, but not along with the form itself.  I am not a programmer, so this might not be possible for me to do, but I thought I'd ask.



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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          Here is how you can get a printed or PDF summary version of a response:

          1. Open your form file
          2. Go to the “View Responses” tab
          3. Go to the “View” menu in the upper right corner of the UI
          4. Select “Detail View” from menu
          5. On the right side of the screen a panel will appear
          6. Click the right most button at the bottom of the panel named “Export” to create a PDF or click the left most print button to print it
          7. If you choose Export, click OK to export a PDF of the selected response


          We currently cannot create a PDF or print something that matches the original layout of the form. That is something we hope to do some time next year.