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    Can't add Snippet in Drop Down text

    TimEm Level 1
      Can't add Snippet in Drop Down text. Is this right?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi TimEm

          While it might appear that this won't work directly, you should be able to coax the snippet into the Drop Down by first dragging it to the page as any other page element. Then click to highlight it on the page and Cut it to the Windows Clipboard. After that, create the Drop-Down and paste it into the Drop-Down.

          Seems to work here on my own PC.

          Cheers... Rick
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            TimEm Level 1
            Thanks that worked
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              markpud Level 1
              I came here to post about this very subject today!

              It does seem a little, how can I say, half-baked that the snippets only work outside of the drop downs...

              I have a page with about 20 snippets on, each in its own drop down. I achieved this by putting the snippet on the base layer of the page then cut and pasting it into the drop down...

              But now when I close this page, and then re-open it in RH, I don't see my snippets any more... then I did a build and found that they are actually still there in the output! (at this point I can go to the properties of the snippet, click Used In and see that it is still used in the page)

              Then I went back and edited something on this page, and did another build, all the snippets had snipped off into thin air! Snippet properties now show that it is not used in the page any more...

              Very fustrating!

              So now it seems if I want to edit something on a page which has a snippet inside a drop down, I have to re-add the snippets to the page each time!!!

              Has anyone else seen this "feature"??!
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                Mat D
                I too am having the same problems with snippets....Surely this is a bug, and there should be plans to fix it?

                Seems ridiculous to me!
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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                  I expect there are plans to fix it. You've never shipped software that is not 100% perfect?