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    How to view an epub file in digital editions in SINGLE PAGE CONTINOUS mode?

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      how can i get the full screen real-estate when viewing an epub? On my laptop which has a screen res of 1600x900 i can maximize the view to one page at a time, but when i do the same thing on my desktop or dock to my 24" monitor of resolution 1920x1080, digital editions insist to show me in 2-page side-by-side view. i have to make the digital editions window slightly smaller or expand the table of contents from the left side of the screen in order to make it 1 page layout.


      and yes, i have clicked the increase text size button as much as i can, but it canot be clicked anymore)




      why can't i just scroll continously like if i'm viewing a pdf? (i can only see one page at a time, from top to bottom, but if i flick my mouse wheel, it goes to the other page instantly and so on).


      i am totally hating on this software right now. looking for any alternatives that can do said features above.