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    How do I clear the previous Timewarp?


      AE CS4

      Using set-in and out points on a 35 min video I extracted some part of it, I wanted to apply Timewarp using AE, but when I try to create a new composition and apply the Timewarp it gives me the previous clip.


      I purged it (AE) [Edit-Purge-all] still the same.


      a 3000 Dls. software with a big bug?


      Maybe the Adobe's offices need a Purge-ALL!


      Any help will be greatly appreciated


      Thank you

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          And exactly? Sorry, your description makes no sense and is confusing. Sounds like you are using DynamicLink from Premiere Pro, but you are not giving us enough details. If that's the case, then this could be perfectly normal, if you work based off the same long clip, but then again it could just as well be some weird issue with the media cache. Please clarify!



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            marian.ene Level 2

            how exactly did you apply the timewarp?

            Did you cut your video, giving you a bunch of layers (basically, edited your video), pre-compose all of them and apply timewarp to the resulting composition? Or you applied timewarp to each of the resulting layers?