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    Quality compromised




      Can anyone tell me A. why some of these shots bug out? IE. the shot where the guy n girl skateboard away etc etc.

      and B. I shot this with a canon 5d and on my desktop it looks great but when i upload it to youtube the quality seems pixelated. why is that?

      thank you

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          Stephen_Spider Level 3

          A couple of things.


          Youtube re-encodes your videos, so it won't equal your initial MP4.

          It looks like on the clip that you mentioned there could be an issue with bright level clipping. You might try the Color Corrector or Video Limiter filters.

          All of those chainlink fences in the Background can cause ugly encoding as well, because the is so much varied details to compress.

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            JAKE JONSON Level 1

            Well, what do you mean by 'bug-out'.  If you want specific answers, you're going to have to get specific about what you don't like about the footage... I think the answer has to start with what encoding you sent to youtube.  Are you sure that what you sent them didn't have the artifacts you're referring to?  And then, like Stephen_Spider wrote, youtube re-encodes your video, so the quality won't be even close in some cases.  Honestly, when I set the youtube video to 1080, it doesn't look so bad.  Yeah, there is some color banding in the sky, but that is to be expected.  Tell us what the problem is that you're referring to...