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    Characters corrupted converting hpj+rtf to chm help

    Fuji Kid



      Sorry this was originally posted in htmlhelp but there were no answers so I'm reposting here to see if anyone can help.


      I'm trying Robohelp to see if I can use it to create localised versions of our help files.


      I have the old .hlp project .hpj file and .rtf files from all of the languages that we need to create.


      - For Windows_1252 languages I can use Microsoft's HTML workshop with no problems.

      - For non Windows_1252 languages such as Russian (Windows_1251) the htm files created by the MS tool show the correct page content but the Titles and Keywords are corrupted and the href links are missing.


      Hence my attempt to try Robohelp.


      So far I've found that importing the hpj file and the desired rtf file works fine again for Windows_1252 languages. But that's not much help as I could already create those in the MS tool.


      When I try to import the hpj file with a non Windows_1252 rtf file such as Russian, I can create a chm and all of the links seem to be intact, but all of the characters including the page content characters are corrupted.


      This can be seen in the htm file displayed in Robohelp as soon as the new project import has finished. I've tried setting the language for all the .htm files to Russian, I've set the language for the project to Russian and I've picked Russian as the language in the .chm build dialog. Unfortunately I think none of these are likely to work as the characters have already been corrupted in the htm files created during the import.


      I've tried the Robohelp build on XP with the Locale set to Russian, and I've tried it on Windows 7 x64 with the Russian language pack installed, Russian selected as the display language and Russian set as the Locale.


      I notice the codepage in the Robohelp created htm's are set as UTF-8 as opposed to Windows_1251.


      I'm pretty sure this is just something I'm doing wrong as the MS HTML Workshop manages to get the correct characters out of the rtf page content.


      Any idea where I might be going wrong? Is there someway to define the language of the RTF before the import process?