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    Tagging script, what is the best approach

    Ondrej Vyhlidal

      Hello again,

      I have new project on my desk and I need some advices from you, because Iam new to Indesign scripting/plugin development. Here are my questions:

      1. is it posible to create plugin to indesign, which would go thru my document, find all pictures and add to them specific tag?
      2. is it possible to create plugin which would go thru my document, finds all tagged content and creates xml file containing source files for tagged content.
      3. last thing i would like to export all that onto my server

      Would be better to use C++ or creative suite extension builder plugin for FB?? Are there any tutorials?? Which approach is easier to go (c++ or CSextension Builder plugin) ?

      Thank you in advice.

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          (Somewhat General advice)


          It appears to me it's doable by scripting. Since you are new to InDesign automation, I would strongly suggest not to take the custom plugin route. Plugins can do *anything* but writing them is difficult, and they will need to be updated (and possibly rewritten) for every new version of InDesign, and they are platform-dependent.


          With scripting, you can easily try out different approaches and test in small steps towards your ultimate goal; and you have a selection of programming languages that work directly from within InDesign (other than the edit-compile-restart ID-test workflow needed for plugins). You can use Visual Basic or AppleScript (platform dependent) or Javascript (platform independent).