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    Flash no longer supported by adobe in near future?

    YeahjustgimmeAscreenName Level 1



      I am using the trial for flash cs5.5 and air.


      2 questions:


      1- I just read that flash player will not be supported on the ipads and that adobe is maybe going html 5.5 instead of flash.

      Does this mean I will not be able to deploy my apps to the apple platform? Or is that just for the flash player part.


      2- I want to buy flash cs5.5, preferrably using the monthly subscription.

      Is there a payment option that actually makes me own the product after X payments? Or is it all on a lease basis.

      Buying it all at once for 3200 euros if its not beeing persued by adobe in the near future seems steep.

      But just paying monthly forever seems just as steep if there's no end to it.

      I couldnt find a clear answer on their website.


      Highest regards,



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          As far as I have heard/read, there has been nothing indiicated by Adobe that Flash will no longer be supported by them in the near future.  So far there just seem to be alot of people that are misreading the articles that have come out.


          1.  Flash player has never been supported on the iStuff.  Apparently that is not going to change.  The recent articles by non-Adobe writers say that Adobe will no longer be pursuing development for the Flash player on any mobile devices.  That is supposedly just for the Flash Player, and just for mobile devices.


          2.  You should contact customer support.  I don't think they have a rent-to-own option... as far as I understand, when you rent you are kept updated on the latest versions released, so if CS6 came out tomorrow, you're already in the lineup to get upgraded to it.  The best people to ask are the ones that sell it.

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            rickster56 Level 1

            Adobe has now formally stated that it will no longer support Flash.  We have used Flash for interactive medical projects but now we want to be prepared for the coming trend.  Is Animate the Adobe successor to Flash for Interactive Media?


            If not, what product might we expect?





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              Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              It's the Flash Player plugin for browsers that will not be supported from Jan 1st 2021. Adobe Animate is Flash Profressional with a new name, so it does continue to be developed. The publishing formats, including SWF, will continue to be developed beyond 2021.


              If your interactive medical projects are online and work in a browser, then yes, you have 3 1/2 years to find a way to do that without using SWF. If they are standalone applications you can continue to work with the same files. You can either make a Projector file, or a desktop AIR app.


              You can either use a recent version of Flash Pro CC, or use Adobe Animate CC, and that can help to convert the animations, graphics, and sounds of your AS3 version. The ActionScript would have to be rewritten as JavaScript, but as Adobe use the CreateJS JavaScript library, the syntax is very similar in most cases.

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                rickster56 Level 1

                Thank you for your informative and pleasant reply, Colin.


                I read the Adobe release and I've been aware for some time of Flash Player's security issues with browsers and that it doesn't play on mobile devices or iAnything ( I recommend my visitors to download Puffin for mobile interaction with the site), so your answer allayed my concerns.


                I use all of Adobe's products and love them.  I am even on the Dreamweaver review team and I enjoy it.  I bring up the topic often that it is great to add new capabilities to the software but to remember that the software is a tool and productivity is important so be aware that a new UI can cause problems.  I still use Dreamweaver CC 2015 for that same reason.


                Thank you, again, Colin.