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    Webhelp TOC Display in IE 8 and IE 9. (Robohelp

    Tim Weight



      We are having issues with our Webhelp TOC displaying in IE 8 and IE 9. The TOC pane is empty when viewed in either browser and the search also does not display any results. This does not happen with IE 7.

      This occurs when the Webhelp is installed from the MSI of the application it supports. However, when the Webhelp is viewed locally, there are no issues with the TOC.

      I have tried the solution described in the last post of this discussion but it does not solve the problem.


      This problem has only arisen recently as our documentation has its own installers with which the issue does not occur. It is only now we have added the help to a product installer that it has surfaced.


      Has anyone else experienced this issue?