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    Workbench DAtabase Connectivity


      How do we configure database server using the JDBCService in workbench?

      What exactly is the relation between the DataSource Name in properties tab of JDBCService and the JDBCService presnt in components view?


      I have added a JDBC activity in the Workbench LC 8.2,Now i need to connec it with my DB2 Database Server.So i am tring to edit the service configuration and add the DataSource name of my DAtabase(jdbc/JDQuoteDevl2DataSource).i have activated the JDBCService but in the properties tab I add the same DSN name and run a Select Query i  m getting the following exception:


                     Exception: Context: DevlCell5/nodes/lsdewas80/servers/LIVECD, name: jdbc/JDQuoteDevl2DataSource: First component in name JDQuoteDevl2DataSource not found.. Cause: Context: DevlCell5/nodes/lsdewas80/servers/LIVECD, name: jdbc/JDQuoteDevl2DataSource: First component in name JDQuoteDevl2DataSource not found.



      Please can You Help me Out..I am stuck with my work as i am not able to establish the connectivity and fetch the value.



      Thanks in Advance

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          Steve L Walker Level 5

          Is the DB2 database the same database being used for LC?


          If not, you need to add an entry in a file *-ds.xml located under C:\Adobe\LiveCycle8.2\jboss\server\all\deploy. There should be at least two *-ds.xml files in the directory for the LC installation. The data source xml files add the JNDI names visible in Workbench.


          I'd recommend creating a separate *-ds.xml for application data source so as not to mess with LC. You can copy-and-paste one of the datasources nodes and create a new file, such as my-db2-ds.xml for example, and add it to C:\Adobe\LiveCycle8.2\jboss\server\all\deploy.


          This is a sample *-ds.xml file. Give it a unique jndi-name and configure connection-url, driver-class, user-name, password and any other relevent parameters. Please DO NOT cut-and-paste this datasources xml. I am not sure which version of LC it is from.


          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


















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            DevlAmol Level 1

            Thank You very much Steve for the answer.

            But I have some doubts:

            1.I  am unaware about the Database of LC,sorry infact i dont know how to

            look for the Database of LC..

            2.I am using WEbsphere and you have mentioned about jboss,please correct me

            if i am wrong .

            3.sorry how do we configure Database for Workbench.



            Following is the activity that i performed:--

            I added JDBC 1.0activity from Foundation component to my process and edited

            the service configuration.

            There it asked me to add Datasource name ,I added the Datasource Name which

            i use on my Webspere Application Server(WAS) and then in the properties tab

            of the JDBC1.0activity again it asked for datasource name---I added the

            same name there.


            Also Sql Statement ,Rows affected was asked .First i took a simple Query

            and tried to run it then it gave the exception already mentioned in my

            question earlier.



            First and foremost step for me is to Create a database/Configure a Database

            on my WorkBench.


            Please can you help me out.



            Thanks very much for your help.

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              $Nith$ Level 4

              Before you do anything with Workbench, as Steve mentioned, you will need to

              configure the DataSource in Application Server first.


              Then the configured Data Source name can be entered into the JDBCService

              property panel.


              Locate your Adobe-ds.XML file and update the DataSource related properties

              (as mentioned by Steve).


              Then, restart your application server to make sure your changes are in



              Then open your process in workbench and set the JDBC Service properties.



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                DevlAmol Level 1

                Hi nith,


                Thank You Very much for your reply....I already have a dataSource

                configured So now my only task remaining is to update the Adobe-ds.xml



                Nith....Does this file have anything to do with the Application Server

                that i am using...Like I am using WEbsphere Application ,so is the

                file same for this Server also.



                Thanks I will try out your steps followed by steve's and get back to you.


                Thank U very much for your valuable inputs and answers.




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                  DevlAmol Level 1

                  Steve ,


                  I tried to find the *-ds.xml file for  Websphere server but could not

                  find.So please let me know where and what file is used for  Websphere to

                  modify the Datasource.


                  Please suggest other alternatives which i can try out.



                  Do i need to follow the same steps for Websphere as you have mentioned for

                  jboss .If yes then which file should i refer for modification.




                  Thanks in Advance.