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    after effects cs5 - quicktime h264 very large file size

    stephenh44161733 Level 1


      I'm wondering if anybody can recommend a good quicktime codec for very small file sizes, for preview renders.

      current project - my wmv renders are coming out around 10mb and reasonable quality which is excellent.

      some of my clients don't have flip for mac so I need to render them a quicktime.


      the quicktime h264 are coming out a lot bigger than expected. same timeline, pixel dimensions and frame rate = around 150mb and similar quality.

      I thought in the past my h264 QT renders had been maybe double the file size of my wmv renders, not 15 x bigger.

      am I missing something really obvious?


      pixel size = 1000 x 250,

      frame rate = 30fps,

      timeline = 4m 30s

      h264 quality = 50%

      audio = aac stero


      using after effects cs5, win7 pro


      thanks in advance