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    MovieClipLoader isn't fully loaded and ready

      I'm using the movie clip loader to load a swf inside a MovieClip object on my stage. I've added a line of code at the end of my onLoadInit function to send a message to a JavaScript function that it's loaded. Once JavaScript gets this notification, it calls another function in flash that accesses the loaded SWF and tries to do something.

      The first time I call the function, it fails (the variable I try to access is undefined)...if I immediately call the function again it works fine.

      I can get this to work if I place a 500 millisecond delay in JavaScript, but that's not going to be a solution for my client since each machine may take longer than 1/2 second for whatever flash is doing.

      Q: Why isn't the item available after onLoadInit is complete and how do I get around this problem?

      Thanks for your help!