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    Create dropdownlist as item Editor

    Zolotoj Level 3

      I have the following code:


                  private var myDP:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([

                      {label1:"Order #2314", quant:3, color:'red'},

                      {label1:"Order #2315", quant:3, color:'red'}    


      <s:DataGrid id="myDG" width="100%"



                      editable="true" >



                      <s:GridColumn dataField="label1" headerText="Order #"/>

                      <s:GridColumn dataField="quant" headerText="Qty"/>

                      <s:GridColumn dataField="color" headerText="Color">



                                  <s:ComboBoxGridItemEditor enabled="false">












                      <s:GridColumn headerText="1234" editable="false">












      where I am trying to have a true dropdownlist as an item editor. But, when I run I still can type into the combo.