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    How to Programmatically find a domain's nameservers?

    RLS Level 1
      I have over 2400 bindings in 541 sites on one of my production servers. I am going to be upgrading this machine very soon and wanted to not only capture all of the sites and some important information into a SQL database for further use (faster review, edit/delete, etc) but wanted to check each site's setting to make sure that the customer hadn't left my server without me knowing it.

      I can use Cold Fusion to do just about all of that - I can get the binding information, site ID's, NS Lookup information (to an extent), and more, but I just can't figure out how to get the nameservers or any of the other typical WHOIS information, like registrar name, programmatically. If I could get it programmatically, I could easily identify domains that have left me so that I can remove them from my system.

      There was a wonderful *looking* CFC by someone in the UK with a domain of nextbigleap.com. It was called whois.cfc and he even provided the WSDL web service to it once up on a time. It is not working now.

      THAT would be ideal - a CFC I could simply implement, but if someone could at least clue me in to the service to call to obtain this information, or a service I can buy that will let me get the information programmatically, I'd be extremely grateful!