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    Message, 'Scratch disks are write protected or unavailable. . .  disks will be set to your . . .

    EckleySP Level 1

      I have an i7 processor, 64 bit WIN7, with 12 G of memory.   Lots of disk space. 


      I had issues response times and suspected an external drive, (very slow response times) - wasn't sure which one, so I started disconnecting and reconnecting them until I found the one with the issue.  so I disconnected and things were moving OK, but I reconnected it to move files off to another and now Premiere Pro won't behave. 


      If I create a new project, I get the message that Scratch disks are write protected or unavailable.   Premiere will set scratch disks to your My Documents . . .   Continue?


      If I say YES, it opens but when I look at the Preferences the Media Cache and Database are set to drives that are on my machine (not set to My Documents).  Are these the scratch disks the message is referring to?   IF so, the message makes no sense. 


      If I open an existing project, I get the same message.  If I choose Continue, the project may open but if it does I cannot exit Premiere without getting the message saying there is a severe error and must shut down and try to recover and such. . . 


      It's bad.


      I have not made any other changes and have not tried disconnecting the suspec drive to see if anything changes.   I will do that, but first thought this is so sever and such an odd condition, that someone might have a quick solution (other than re-install, I mean).


      Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have,