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    can't get cfgrid rowcount

    ion Level 1

      i'm trying to get the rowcount of a cfgrid on cf9, and if  0 switch a message to user.

      i've tried a js attached to the onLoad of the cfgrid, keeps throwing Expected ')' and i don't see where?


      function getGridData() {

      var mygrid = ColdFusion.Grid.getGridObject('cApps');

      var mydata = mygrid.getStore();

      rowCountVal = mydata.totalLength;




      thanks for any help

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          Dan Bracuk Level 5

          Comment out every line and add them back one at a time until the error occurs.  If it happens with all lines commented out, look at the code that calls it.

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            ion Level 1

            thanks Dan, it's the cfgrid onload thrwoing the error. i've tried:



            onload="javascript:getGridData({cfgridaction}, {cfgridrow} {cfgridchanged})"


            nothing works


            also tried instead the <cfset ajaxOnLoad="getGridData">, it doesn't throw an error but doesn't return the rowcount either


            thanks again

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              insuractive Level 3

              Where is your onload code in your document?  I'm assuming that if its a regular onLoad attribute of an HTML element (e.g. <Body>, then you don't need the "javascript:" prefix.  Otherwise, what happens if you pop an alert box at the top of your getGridData() method and comment out the rest - are you getting the alert box or is the error occuring before the function can even be called?

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                ion Level 1

                it's the onLoad attribute of a  cfgrid of type HTML

                the cfgrid syntax seems to be correct, onLoad="javascript:getGridData()", i'm using one other event for the same grid and it works fine:

                onchange="javascript:showData({cfgridaction}, {cfgridrow}, {cfgridchanged})"


                nothing happens if i put the alert at the top of the function, get the same error. looks like the error happens before the function executes.


                what's worse, i don't think the onLoad event of the grid actually works. i've tried a different method: the cfgrid is bound to the onkeyup event of a text box, srcApps. i've modified this text box like <input type="text" name="srcApps" setTimeout('getGridData()',1000);"> adding a 1 second delay before executing the function.


                this works, but only when i type something in srcApps, and only when using <cfset ajaxOnLoad="getGridData"> at the end of the page, not with the grid onLoad event. if i remove the 1 second delay in the srcApps definition, it stops working, which i think proves onLoad never kicks off