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    Mayday!  A problem with setRemoteCredentials?

      Hey all. I've been developing a Flex AMF application and yesterday something went terribly wrong. I had been running flash player and had to upgrade to This has broken authentication. . .badly.

      It's a development machine, so the client and server are both on my workstation. Everything worked fine in However, it looks like the encoding for the authentication information being sent from the client is now hosed (ie, entering 'gander' for username is turning up as 'j?' on the server side causing all sorts of nastiness.

      I've looked at the new socket policy stuff and have created as liberal of a policy as possible, but still don't see how that applies to localhost -> localhost. Very lost on how this could be my problem anyway as it's communicating just fine, just sending bad data from the looks of it. At the moment, it looks as though it's only authentication information that's corrupt, other calls seem to be going through ok (but haven't tested this extensively).

      Anybody have any clue what might be going on? Any pointers in the right direction are VERY appreciated, I'm getting pretty frustrated over here as google hasn't given me anything to work with ; )