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    distorted movie file

    robirdman1 Level 1

      PP 5.0: I worked with an AVI file from the Nikon D300s camera. I had read the info on choosing the right parameters and have it as 1280x720.  It appears correct proportionally in the monitor windows.  When I go to export it, I choose Quicktime movie. There are a number of choices such as PAL DV Widescreen, NTSC DV, etc.  It seems not to matter what I choose, visually in the preview..  When viewed in Bridge or played they appear stretched vertically or compressed horizontally. With the NTSC it says that they are now 720x480. How do I get them to appear undistorted?


      Also, when I try to browse in Bridge in PP it doesn't come up.  Where is it supposed to be in the file directory to correctly appear?