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    PrPro suddenly re-conformed all my media and lost render files!!

    lewisfilms Level 1

      I am in the middle of a project...


      I am editing and all of a sudden, I see in the bottom right hand corner that PrPro is redoing that "Conforming media" thing it does when you import footage.  But I hadn't imported anything recently.  I was just working.  So I figure "whatever, not a big deal"  However, as I'm cutting, I realize that all of my clips on the timeline are losing their green render bar and reverting back to a red render bar!!  i lost of my rendered files somehow!!  Why would this happen?  Is it because I updated to 5.5.2 today???


      This was sort of the last straw for me, I have been sorely dissapointed with this product.  Premiere Pro is not stable, not reliable and it is slow.


      I switched from Final Cut Pro 6 (a 32-bit application)  With FCP6, I could edit, scub, and color correct extremely fast without having to render.  How can cs5.5 be slower than FCP on the same hardware?  I thought 64-bit made things speedier....


      Is the honest answer that PrPro really does need a supported GPU to perform well?



      My machine is a Mac Pro, does PrPro run better on the PC?