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    Cannot uninstall flash player




      We have been doing some tests with the newer flash version and found some issues, I am wondering if this happens to other people and if there's a way to resolve it.

      The issue does not occur on a 32 bit system, only a 64 bit system.


      Windows 7 Pro with IE8.


      Install flash using: install_flash_player_11_active_x_64bit.msi


      Go to the flash "about" page - shows proper version of flash is installed.


      Go to uninstall a program and uninstall Flash Player.


      The entry disappears.


      Then, I go to the flash "about" page - still shows flash is installed! (reporting current version)


      The following folders still contains files:



      > Flash64_11_1_102.ocx

      > FlashInstall.log

      > FlashUtil64_11_1_102_ActiveX.dll

      > FlashUtil64_11_1_102_ActiveX.exe



      > Flash11e.ocx

      > FlashInstall.log

      > FlashUtil11e_ActiveX.dll

      > FlashUtil11e_ActiveX.exe


      If I then run C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\FlashUtil64_11_1_102_ActiveX.exe and click Uninstall, the uninstallation is succesful.



      Anyone knows what's up? Did Adobe accidently release a broken product or it's just us??


      Any help or info is appreciated.