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    Imported swfs display different every time

    KMahon Level 1

      Hello -

      I have tried importing swfs, and each time it displays different when published. The first time, it resized and could be seen completely within the window. The second time, it did not resize so only the top left of the image could be seen. The third, time it sort of resized, but is still cut off on the bottom. I inserted the same swf file the same way each time, so I'm not sure what affects the way it displays when published. I'm using the trial version of Presenter version 7.0.7 Build 7746. The swfs were created in Captivate 5.0, and I'm using Office/PowerPoint 2010. Below are examples of what each looks like after the publish. Does anyone know how I can control how the swf will display once published?