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    Using URLs in Presenter


      Does anyone know how to add a link to a URL on the sidebar? It would be nice to use the email button that is part of the presenter properties, but from what I can see that can only be a valid email address. In Articulate, you can use an email or URL and change the text on the button to anything you want. Is there any way to do something similar in Adobe Presenter?




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          VideoPep Level 2

          Hello Katherine,


          In Adobe Presenter we can provide a URL in a Presentation but not at the sidebar. Following are steps to include a URL :-


          1) Go to Adobe Presenter>Settings>Attachments

          2) Click "Add" button

          3) Select "Type" drop down and choose "link" option

          4) Enter "URL" in location field.

          5) Publish the presentation

          6) In Published Output on button right playbar have "Attachment" icon. Click on this to open URL.


          If you want to just mention URL information without hyperlink to that URL(though not a good idea) ; then you can do that in Biography or Notes section. 




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            KMahon Level 1

            Thanks - this is not ideal as it's not likely someone who is not familar with the UI is going to think to click a small icon on the bottom with a paperclip icon to access a link to a URL - but I see it is one way to provide it.