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    iOS Packaging Error: Could not retrieve certificate chain from keystore


      Hi all,


      I'm currently evaluating Flash Builder 4.5, with an eye toward prototyping on iOS (since lots of folks here know Flash and ActionScript, but only a couple of us use XCode and Objective-C).  I'm currently looking at the Hello World tutorial...




      I've built and tested on desktop, and am now trying to package the app to test on iOS.  However, when I run the device configuration I get a dialog with the following...


      'Launching FlashTest' has encountered a problem.

      Error occurred while packaging the application:

      could not retrieve certificate chain from keystore


      It then shows me the usage text for adt.  I have no idea what the problem is.


      I've imported the same certificate I use to deploy through XCode, and have created an AppID and provisioning profile specific for my test app.




      p.s. - How do I change my forum name?