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    Save As Page displays below Adobe Reader X in Modal window when selecting SAVE


      Reports are being viewed in the explorer using Adobe Reader this opens in a Modal window which is a requirement. When selecting the 'Save a Copy'  button from any location on the page using the floating toolbar or standard toolbar the Save As page is being opened under the Model window and the focus remains on the main page so the save location or any button on the page cannot be used.


      There is a work around selecting any option that launched a popup screen from the reader such as Document Properties and then the page is closed selecting Save a copy will open the page on the top,


      This only seems to be a issue when using IE9 when running the same application and Adobe reader version in IE8 no issue is seen. Other popup screen such as Print have no issue and as mentioned once one of these screens are launched the save as displays on top.


      Current version of

      Adobe Reader 10.1.1,

      IE9 9.0.8112.16421

      Windows 7 64bit.


      Using Adobe Reader 9 seems to have similar issues and the page needs to be closed via the task manager.


      We require the webpage to display in a Modal window is there any suggestions on how to ensure the Save As Page is displayed on the top in focus.