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    How to add a Flash Book into Flex


      Hi guys



      My question is how can I add a flash book into flex, I converted the PDF in this page: http://www.codebox.es/pdf-to-flash-page-flip  so what I obtained when I converted it was this:


      So, the new swf book (book_lite.swf) uses their resources to work like a book, in this case the data folder contains the sheets of the book which are simple swf files.


      So I have estructured my project like this:



      And into main I have a panel and I try to call the SWF book like this:



      <mx:Panel id="panel" width="80%"  height="100%" >
           <mx:SWFLoader id="loader" source="librolite/book_lite.swf" />


      And it doesn't show anything, however, if I try to call one of their sheets it do shows it perfectly:


      <mx:SWFLoader id="loader" source="librolite/data/pages/1.swf" />


      I've been trying with other methods of showing SWF files like @embed and other but with the same results :S



      I hope someone can help me