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    NEED HELP!!! Action Sequence deactivates buttons


      Hi All,


      Any help will be greatly appreciated!


      Ok I have two main buttons(called 1.ECG and 2.SP02) that when clicked on, it does an action sequence to fade in an image grouped with another "fade out" button(this button fades out the image and itself) . Everything works fine with the ECG buttons. The Sp02 button works fine also, but the problem is when I click on the ECG button first and close it, the 1st Sp02 button works but the second "fade out" button does not work. It doesn't even at like a button but a flat image. I played around with this for a few hours. The only solution i have found is to put the Sp02 buttons higher in the layers panel than the ECG buttons, but that allows the Sp02 image to overlap the ECG image.


      Please let me know if you need screenshots!


      Thank you,