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    Embedding fonts - doesn't work


      Another day, another Flash Catalyst problem.


      I check the box to embed fonts when I publish, only when I preview my output they are nowhere to be seen. Bottom line, Flash Catalyst doesn't work on a Mac. I've had nothing but problems. This program isn't ready for prime time at all. I've used betas of programs that are much more polished than this. I believed that there wasn't suppossed to be major issues when using FC with 10.7 Lion.


      That's not true, this program is so broken and flawed and such a frustration to use. Adobe can't be bothered to update even though they've had access to Lion for months. If they can't make a program that works then why bother releasing for the Mac platform at all?


      Lets see:


      1. Placeholders don't work.

      2. Importing Illustrator files doesn't work.

      3. Publishing with embedded fonts doesn't work.


      These aren't minor issues. They are MAJOR PROBLEMS!!! How did Flash Catalyst see the light of day on the Mac? Why was it released? Are these problems isolated to 10.7? Why aren't these MAJOR DEALBREAKERS listed? Can anyone at Adobe stand up and admit that this Flash Catalyst on the Mac is a total fiasco?

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          I am sorry you are having trouble. I'm not running Lion on my Mac (issues with LDAP and a corporate network). With something like you are describing I would try two things before contact Adobe support. The first would be to try a fresh install. Maybe the OS upgrade wonked something. The other thing I would make sure is that my JAVA runtime is up to date. Flash Catalyst is built on Eclipse, which in turn in built on JAVA.


          Beyond, that these issue are more that I can help with.